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Protect Your Patients' Sensitive Health Information With Comprehensive Cybersecurity

As data breaches soar, so must your cybersecurity controls. Clinical healthcare organizations looking to improve cybersecurity can work with an external IT partner who understands the nuances of the cloud and meeting HIPAA compliance regulations. On this page, you'll learn more about how your organization can improve your cybersecurity posture, what other organizations are doing, and how Integrity can help along the way. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing In Clinical Healthcare?


7 Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Clinical Healthcare Setting

Are you an IT manager within the clinical healthcare setting? Now more than ever—when factors like reimbursement, security, privacy, and accessibility are all the more essential for medical facilities—using cloud computing services can benefit anyone involved in your facility, from providers to patients.

Wondering why? Here are seven benefits of storing and accessing your company data over an internet-based network via cloud computing, instead of on local storage via a computer hard drive.

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Cybersecurity protection and detection for clinical healthcare practices

Do Clinical Healthcare Organizations Use Cloud Computing?


3 Ways Healthcare Organizations Use Cloud Computing

Storing, organizing, securing, and accessing data via cloud computing is a growing trend within the healthcare industry, and for good reason. Early indicators suggest that compared to local hardware and storage systems, cloud computing allows for improved access and interdisciplinary communication without sacrificing on privacy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

How might cloud computing look at your organization? Check out a few simple ways other clinical institutions are taking advantage of the network-based system to help you imagine your own facility in the cloud.

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Top 5 Most Common Data Security & Infrastructure Threats In Clinical Healthcare


What Are Some of the Common Data Security Threats in Healthcare?

One of the most important aspects of maintaining the integrity and solvency of your healthcare organization is reducing the risk of data security breaches. Data breaches threaten not just the financial, operational, and brand integrity of a clinical organization, but also the privacy and safety of employees and patients.

If you're not aware of the potential cybersecurity threats your clinical organization may face, then you're not adequately prepared to safeguard against them. 

With this in mind, check out some of the most common data security threats seen in clinical healthcare settings that may warrant further investigation at your organization.

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What Cybersecurity Safeguards Can We Put In Place For Our Clinical Healthcare Organization?


4 Ideas for Improving Your Healthcare Organization's Cybersecurity

The kind of information and data found within the healthcare industry—including demographic, financial, and protected health information—is very lucrative for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, this means cybersecurity issues are always going to be something healthcare organizations need to contend with.

Check out these research-backed security strategies you can employ at your clinical healthcare organization. 

Use These 4 Security Strategies

How Can Integrity Technology Solutions Help With Our HIPAA Audit?


Prepare For Your 2020-2021 HIPAA Audit

As a healthcare organization, your ability to keep your patients' sensitive information secure is not just the correct ethical choice—it's the correct legal choice, too.

That's why remaining HIPAA-compliant is one of your chief operational duties.

But negotiating the complex world of HIPAA compliance can feel challenging, especially now when changes within both industries (information technology and healthcare) are so frequent.

  • How are you to know if you have blindspots in your data security needs?
  • How can you know if you're remaining current with all updated government regulations and guidelines?
  • How can you ensure your team will be ready for a HIPAA audit? 

Let Integrity Technology Solutions help you.

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Does Your Clinical Healthcare Organization Need Help?

Integrity helps healthcare organizations keep protected health information secure. Implementing HIPAA’s provisions can be challenging for medical practices, hospitals, and other organizations handling this data. That’s why, instead of risking violations, we advocate that companies enlist a partner to help them achieve HIPAA compliance.
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