Data Security Should Be A Priority For Your Business

As Technology Needs Increase, So Do Threats To Sensitive Data

Fully half of all corporate data is stored in the cloud (source). 

That opens up a huge potential for a cybersecurity incident within your organization.

So what protections have you put in place to protect that data, as well as non-cloud data, against cybersecurity threats such as ransomware and malware?

Most organizations are planning to increase their cybersecurity spending in the next several years to bolster their security posture. 

But some controls require no increase in cost, many of which are included here.

Use this complimentary data security checklist to identify which items can further protect your sensitive data, such as:

  • Effective password management
  • Data encryption
  • Network monitoring
  • System testing
  • Data backups and restorations
  • Plus much more!

Fill out the form to download your free 20-point checklist and see where you're protected—and where gaps exist in your cybersecurity strategy.